Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Embracing the Injury

Here we are in February and I'm not running (much). I've been spending time on the spin bike, road bike and elliptical since mid-December. I hit a short twenty minute run off a two hour ride. It felt great to run even for a short while.

I've also been consistent with lifting weights three to four days a week. This has been a weakness in the last several years. I am quite happy with the progress in a short six week period. I'm not Arnie but I'm definitely seeing changes in my muscles. Shirts are fitting tighter through the chest but loser in the stomach. Plus, my strength is improving.

My back is feeling really good of late. I've had a couple of days that are pain free. Sure feels good to sit down and stand up without pain in my left butt cheek and hamstring.

I'd love to be running but I'm embracing the weights and bike.