Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pain Free Days

It's been another solid week of training. I've been mostly pain free with only a bit of tightness. After yoga on Sunday, there was zero pain. Woooooo!

Weightlifting is coming along nicely. I started a new six week program and I like it. Four workout days per week with six exercises each day. I was lifting all muscle groups twice a week. The new routine only hits them once which should help recovery.

Cardio fitness is doing well too. I had a great a solid week of elliptical and spin workouts. The peak workout was a two hour elliptical session on Saturday. This was a fatigued workout after lifting heavy legs on Friday.

I need to watch the treats a bit. My sugar intake has been a bit high. I've been pretty lax about sugar for a few months. My waistline is suffering. I need to lose a couple of inches from my waist. Time to tighten the screws.

I think I will add one run this week. I have five cardio sessions planned. My focus needs to remain the bike to prepare for the fifty and hundred mile rides. So I'll run, lipty, spin, spin, spin. We'll see how it goes. I sure do miss running.