Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Strike up the band! I ran on Monday for forty minutes! No sciatica later in the day. No sciatica the next morning. No sciatica after six hours of driving and three hours of standing and kneeling! WOOOOOOO! I'm confident that I've turned the corner.

I'm digging the current workout routine that I've been pumping. I'm using a Hal Higdon marathon plan. I've modified it somewhat for MAF. On recovery days, I keep it bottom half of MAF. On hard days, I go to top of MAF. I'm only running on Monday (YEAH I'M RUNNING), elliptical on Tuesday, spin bike on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Piggy backing weights four days a week plus yoga on Thursday and Sunday. Busy but manageable training schedule. It is also flexible for business travel. I'll be making some swaps next week to accommodate a week in Youngstown.

My focus is the bike in order to hit a bucket item this spring - century ride. The training plan hits a four ride in early April. I'll build upon that and drop a century in late May. I'll start riding outside in the next couple of weeks. It's supposed to be 65F next week! I hope it holds for a while. I need some saddle time outdoors!

Additionally, I started tracking my meals. It's not so much that I'm worried about servings during the day. Tracking makes me more conscious about "rewards" or "cheats".  What starts as a bowl of ice cream a weeks turns into five or six days a week. Of course, the wings and beer don't help. So I'm using to keep track of things and focusing on eating clean, single ingredient foods. We'll see how things go next week when I'm on the road five days.