Monday, January 13, 2014

Just call me Gym Rat

Gonna have to register these guns! Ha. Obviously I've been sticking to the workout plan. Spin, elliptical, and Precor for cardio plus six days a week of weights. I even snuck in a bike ride last week.

I added yoga to Sunday. This has helped my sciatica pain ease considerably. I found an excellent routine. It's forty-eight minutes and really focuses on releasing the back. I went most of the day and evening with no pain. Here's the YouTube video.

About that bike ride... Beware of loose dogs. I had a pit bull chase me into the ditch. Thankfully it was scared of the car behind me laying on the horn. Could have been the 9mm the passenger was packing. No worries though. No blood or bite marks. Just some mud on my clothes from hitting the ditch.