Saturday, February 9, 2013

Road to Recovery

Two weeks of flu crud. Blah. So glad that is behind me. It has been at least five years since I was sick for more than a day. I've been blessed with a healthy immune system. Of course, it could be the healthy diet. Hmmm.

Back on the road this past week with three nice recovery zone runs plus a living room dumbbell circuit. I did the circuit on Wednesday morning after rolling my ankle in the predawn darkness. Stupid road edge drop off. Fortunately (depends how you look at it), my ankle has been rolled so many times that it barely swells and I was back in action within forty-eight hours.

Next week looks like a good time. I'll move my long run to midweek to accommodate my wife's trip and hit the elliptical and dumbbells on Saturday. Can't be leaving the young one at home while I tour the countryside.

Keep moving forward.