Sunday, February 17, 2013

Juggling Life

I had a busy week with work. Had to a make an overnight trip to Dayton for some client training and several local-ish site visits to assist clients with HVAC issues. That put my endurance training plan in a tailspin. I was able to recover most of it except for a planned run on Tuesday morning. The traffic outside my hotel room let me get a four hour and two hour nap before I had to roll to work. Ugg. The zombie effect didn't hit me until I got home that evening but I didn't run before work. No need to push it on four hours of sleep.

The recovered workout plan turned into rest on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. Spin and weights on Wednesday. Nice ten miler on Thursday. Manual labor on Friday. 1/4-mile repeats on Sunday. 

Wednesday's workout was my weekly gym date with my wife. I absolutely love our gym time together. I lead us on a 35 minute spin with hills and sprints. I really get our heart pumping on the hill climbs. Then we finish with 30 minutes of weights. I've been lifting heavy (for me). I'd like to develop more strength. I've also been including a compound exercise every session. This week was deadlifts. Man, my butt hurt the next day. Glutes were activated!

Busy week ahead with travels to the tundra of northern Ohio and Minnesota. While I'm in Minnesota, I plan a 13.1-mile training run along the river in Saint Paul. If you're in the area, you're welcome to join me. I will start around 230 or 300pm on Thursday afternoon.

Keep moving forward!