Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013: The Year of the Blog

Decided to start blogging about my endurance training this year. Until April 2012, I was blogging weekly for business but I've sold the company. I've missed finding topics and such. So, here we are for The Year of the Blog.

I've settled on my endurance goals and plan for 2013. Initially, I had planned to run a half marathon distance weekly, but I decided to take it a bit easier. I'll be running a half marathon distance every four weeks with a half marathon at race pace every twelve weeks. It should make for a fun year.

Why the decision to go a little lighter? I had a fatigue setback in early December. I ran a marathon the weekend before Thanksgiving and traveled quite a bit for the next two weeks. On December 1, I ran a Maffetone Test Run and found my heart rate going too high at my usual paces. My resting heart rate was also 8-12 bpm above normal in the morning. I'm pretty good with easy math. I knew that I was fatigued.

So, I took Sock Doc's advice and shifted to a low 180-Age-5 plan for a month. Shoo. That was a mental challenge. I usually training with a set of heart rate zones from my former running coach that are considerably higher. However, it was worth it. I was able to keep the cardio base but still recover and rest. It was a great month of active recovery.

I've finished my second week of training for the month. This week's training included a great whole body weights routine on Monday that was seriously in the pain cave, half mile repeats at 5K pace on Tuesday, 7-minute repeats on Wednesday ten seconds slower than half marathon pace and a nice eight mile run with Andre on Saturday at his conversational pace (10:45). Although, I did finish with a 7:45 pace half mile and 9:30 half mile cool down. Had to shake it out at the end.