Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adapting to Change

Another crazy week of work but I got it done. Mostly. I pulled the plug on one run due to stress levels at work. My body was going through enough as evidenced by my eye twitching after an eighteen hour work day.

I'm still acclimating to the new training zones but I can honestly say they work. My recovery times have been quicker. Even with increased stress at work, I'm able to handle the the training better. Tempo runs are still sub 9. However the zone 2 pace is considerably slower. That's okay for now as I know I'll will get faster.

The adjustment in zones has me thinking about my last marathon in November. My training was right on track for a solid sub four. Somewhere around mile seventeen my body said no. Could it be that my zones were too high? Was I actually pushing too hard too early? All indications are just that. I wish I had tested the zones sooner.

I look forward to progressing through the training over the next few months and years. I'll make sure to add more time trials along the way to make sure I'm staying on track. First up is a half marathon next weekend.

Keep moving forward.


I posted this blog update before my long run this morning. The switch has already flipped. 9:47 pace @ 150 bpm average. Sweet! I was not expecting to see this kind of improvement for at least another month or two.

Garmin data: (disregard the blip on the end. hit my start button inadvertently as I drove down the road)

If you haven't tested your zones lately, I highly recommend it. I know for certain that I was over training. The adjustment in zones has already paid dividends! If you aren't using a heart rate monitor, I hope you will consider using one.